Saturday, July 17, 2010

A New Route

On my own for a ride this morning; What To Do? Norman Conquest this year was out of the question as I dare not tempt my pinchy nerves with that strenuous and difficult ride. About time to try out the Hefner-Overholser loop. I got very lucky this morning, running into another woman from the neighborhood out alone for a ride. Brenda and I buddied up and had a good ride together. We were riding at about the same pace, and were able to pass the time visiting and keep each other motivated. Truthfully, once you are down to Overholser you kind of have to finish the ride if you want to get home, but temperatures came up fast and it was really good to have company.

There were lots of kayaks in the Stinchcomb Refuge today. I can hardly wait to visit the kayak rental myself!

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This Eclectic Life said...

I have a friend who said he rode in the Norman Conquest! I didn't know what it was until you mentioned it, and then it makes sense.
However, a kayak (in cool water) sounds more my speed. Even if I tipped over it wouldn't be so bad :-)