Sunday, July 25, 2010

And That's No Bull

Well actually yes - that is a bull, looking rather sweet with grass hanging out of his mouth. We went into July with a lot of rain, and the pastures are still lush and green. It's very refreshing on the eyes, but of course when riding in the heat this beautiful green landscape is pretty high in humidity.

No interesting wildlife this week, but Melissa and I did get off our bikes for a closer examination of an unidentified crop. I feel confident the it is soybeans, based on the tiny flowers that look like sweet peas. Later in the day as the air warmed the scent was a little sett pea-ish too. We were thrown off because the plants are just huge this year. I'm pretty sure Alan thinks we are crazy, but these little forays off the road make the ride much more interesting to us in addition to resting our behinds.

We've pretty much settled on Cape Cod as our future living destination, with the Yarmouth area being the most likely place where we will live. Shana is giving me cottage style publications to examine - possible my idea of a nice midcentury modern sofa will be replaced by something classic but with a little curvier silhouette like maybe this. Probably something that might look happy with a slipcover for summer. We'll still be living in fairly small quarters, I feel sure.

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