Saturday, July 10, 2010

Living Things Found on the Road

Today we got lucky and got a day that started out cool, foggy, and overcast. For the first time in about ten days it did not rain AND there was NO WIND AT ALL!!!!! Of course we hit the road on our bikes to take advantage of the situation.

I was intending to get a few nice pictures of some of the old barns and outbuildings along the way because the light was good and not the usual powerful flattening glare we so often get. I did get some really nice shots on the way out, visible on my Flickr Gallery. On the way back I got to see some interesting wildlife.

First thing I got to see was the one and only live armadillo I have ever seen in real life. He was headed across the road, but changed his mind when he saw my coming. By running like a crazy person I was able to get quite close for a nice picture of him. I did not touch him. Even if he was willing, which he was not, a good Catholic School upbringing has left me with an interest in Leprosy that makes me steer clear of contact with the little buggers.

Farther down the road I passed a pretty good sized snapping turtle. At first I thought he might be road kill, but he was quite intact. When Sharon Jean caught up she grabbed a stick and chased him off the road. We meant to save him from being run over, but I don't think he appreciated it one bit.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

It certainly doesn't look like he/she appreciated the kind intervention. lol.

Many California desert tortoises succumbed to bad encounters with heavy wheeled vehicles when the roads through their lands were first established.

Thanks for your kindness!