Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Scene on Wednesday

The last few evening rides I have not had any company to distract me, just the scenery around me and inside my head. I've been riding to Jones exclusively because it's a good hilly route with little traffic and loads of cyclists so the motorists are aware that we are out there and not too likely to run us down. I'm not afraid to ride alone on that route. The roads I ride on are almost all two lane, but they are pretty good and lines of sight are good. Jones is a little town with under 3,000 residents. There is a convenience store, a SubWay and a Sonic and 15 churches including two Methodist churches. Not all denominations are represented, so I have to assume that part of the church going population is driving into Oklahoma City to worship.

Among the churches there are a couple that are especially interesting to me. The first one I pass is Saint Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Church. It's one of the cutest churches I have ever seen, and always immaculately tidy.
The other one that piques my curiosity is Cowboys For Christ (covered in the blood of Jesus) conveniently located across the street from the livestock auction barn. There is apparently lots of activity around this one - behind the main building they have a covered outdoor area for musical programs and a kind of western town mock up. It always looks well kept as well.

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