Thursday, July 09, 2009

If It's Thursday Those Must Be Cattle

If there was any doubt that I am usually riding way out in the country here is my proof. These are really only a sample of the many bovines I pass on every ride. This year there are even a few longhorns on the route. It's kind of surprising to me that the cattle are pretty skittish. They don't seem to care about anything that goes by on the road, but if you stop they get suspicious and nervous. It must be the difference between the dairy cows I used to see when I was young and herds of meat animals who get much less handling.

Of course there are lots of horses, both full size and miniature. In general the horses seem to enjoy watching the cyclists go by. On organized rides when there is a really big group the horses will sometimes get excited and run along beside the pack. Last year on my Wednesday night route there were some goats but this year they are not around, much to my disappointment. If I ride all the way to the sod farms there are a few chickens, but this year no one seems to be keeping any guinea fowl.

Tonight it was 100° when I headed out for my ride, with winds gusting to 30 mph. Quite a challenge. It's hard to stay motivated when the weather is so difficult. Next week Shana will be riding with me and that should make it more fun even though it's going to be really hot every single day.

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