Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Last Bit of Christmas

Shana and I ventured out to the mall today to spend our Christmas money and gift cards. We had cash gifts from my mother, a gift card for the mall I got from work, and a gift card we had from friends for a wedding gift. These were destined to disappear into Williams & Sonoma without a trace. I had been hoping, based on increasingly frantic advertising emails I've been getting from Williams & Sonoma, that some of the things we wanted might be on sale. Sadly this was not true, but we did get some great stuff. We picked out a De Buyer Mandoline that Shana had checked out online. The slicing parts are stainless steel and it's just a great tool we'll be happy with for a long time. We also got a small scoop to make uniform meatballs and cookies. For total indulgence we also purchased a bottle of excellent extra-virgin olive oil and my particular favorite: a set of four different exotic finishing salts (Black, Pink, Red Sea, & flaked white). I'm really sensitive to salt, so I use very little while cooking. A tiny sprinkle of sea salt on the finished dish adds a lot of flavor, and I love trying out the more exotic salts with their distinctive tastes. We talked Aunt Rita into tasting a tiny grain of the black salt, which she immediately spit out. (we laughed, I must admit) I liked it, though. It was quite a treat to pick out treats from one of our favorite stores.

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