Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Visit From Miss V

Young Miss Vivian came to visit for a few hours yesterday evening while Mom and Dad hit the mall. I had not seen her for a couple of weeks, and what a difference that makes to a crawling baby. When she last visited she had not quite perfected her crawl, and going to and from a seated position was hit or miss. Now she can crawl at a great rate, change direction at will, and sit up whenever she likes. She can climb in and out of her little baby seat. Falling over and rolling away only makes her start over. She can even crawl on over to an interesting spot and dig right in with out pausing to change position. A very handy skill indeed when faced with Grandma's bookcase. I don't see the crawling phase lasting very long. She's pulling herself up and is trying out a hybrid crawling style on her hands and feet that looks like she'll be standing up on her own soon. Please note the missing sock. That was pretty much the state of her feet during the entire visit.

The Big Bad Bulletproof Baby Blanket will be finished this weekend (or I'll know the reason why). It shouldn't take long to crank out a matching hat. I might even go for a pair of matching socks. I'm still on the heel of the pink Monkey socks, but they are shaping up to be quite pretty. The most recent Marsan Watchcap is plodding along - it is not the right gauge to be a nice break from the blanket, and the blanket is also consuming almost all of my knitting time. I swear I will never knit another one of these as long as I live. It's taking forever, killing my wrists, and weighs at least 40 pounds. I prefer crochet for baby things - much cuter and much faster!

Over at Time Goes By Ronni has posted a "when I was young" meme: List 5 things that at 25 years old you never thought you'd become (or do). I never pick these up, but this one was appealing and food for thought.

1.) At 25 I still thought I'd never be using algebra again in my life. I now combine my former customer service skills with a daily dose of accounting.

2.) I would never have guessed that my best friend and soulmate would turn out to be a woman.

3. It never occurred to me that any person might pick up athletic pursuits in her fifties, let alone me.

4. If you'd told me at 25 I'd own a computer and carry a communications device in my pocket I'd think you were reading too much science fiction.

5. At 25 I didn't know that life after 50 would be a better, happier time of life. I always though choices would narrow, not that at this age I can choose what I want to do or try.

Thinking about my 25 year old self I've also found myself thinking about my high school self. There were so many times then I could have benefited from a peek at the future. Too bad you can't send a message to that person that you were!

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