Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

Winter is still here and I am showing the sorry state of my knitting. The Bulletproof Baby Blanket is just barely more than half done. This is not good, because the intended recipient is no more than a month away, and there really should be a matching hat. As requested by the impending Momma, this is the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Debbie Stollers Stitch and Bitch. It would be a really easy knit if it wasn't bulletproof. One of the nicest features of the blanket is the way the center lines up - four squares meeting in the middle. It's just cool enough to keep me amused while I plug away at the rest. Why yes, I AM easily amused!

I've started a scarf for myself from some really pretty Cherry Tree Hill Silken Mohair that I bought at Newbury Yarns while I was in Boston in November. I hardly have enough to show, but the colors are so pretty it might just be worth a tiny peek. The chosen pattern is still Helleborus, but of course it doesn't look like it yet. Yes, I do have an insane number of stitch markers deployed. Don't laugh. I knit while I watch TV and I REALLY don't want to have to count more than one repeat. Sadly, I am not one of those knitters who can easily memorise a simple lace pattern. I'm about two inches into still another black Marsan Watchcap. That's surely not worth looking at. I do have one Monkey sock down to the start of the heel flap, but that's a thrill I'll save for another day.

Last weekend we had perfect weather. I had to work Saturday, but Sunday I was free to get out for a ride. For a change of pace four of us rode down by the river, then off to IHop to replenish any calories we may have inadvertently burned. Shana and I washed our filthy cars in the driveway, watched a movie, had a good dinner - a perfect day. This week we are back to work for a full week with no holidays in sight; the weather has turned cold again and the plumber came to visit. Real life.

This time of year is challenging. The nights are too long; the days are too short, and summer is too far away. We are planning our summer activities, and can hardly wait to get back out on the roads for our regular training rides.

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