Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Fiesta Bawl

Even though the Soooners' performance in bowl games has been just awful for several years no matter what they looked like during the regular season I was looking forward to watching them in this year's Fiesta Bowl. This is what the game mostly looked like:

Please note the gathering of officials, the score which features OU with fewer points than our opponent, and the FLAG. As has become their tradition at the end of every season, the Sooners lost miserably and looked awful. The best thing about the game was that this year we were not playing for a national championship and were therefore marginally less embarrassed. We had many players out for injury, academic probation, and petty crime. The remaining players acted like they had never seen a football up close before. Every time we tried to run we got stuffed; every time we passed a holding penalty was called. The continuing holding calls were the only evidence I saw that we had not left the offensive line in the locker room.

Luckily we were having a bowl party. The company and dinner made up for the sad performance of our team. We had pasta and pumpkin pie and a lot of fun, so I guess we'll be counting down the days to the next kickoff after all.

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