Tuesday, January 01, 2008

International Watch Football in Pajamas Day

At least that's what I am calling it. I'm spending New Years Day alternately watching football and knitting in pajamas and cleaning my dusty house in obedience to my family superstition. My beautiful sparkly pink tree will be headed for the attic, along with all the other sparkly treasures. The turkey cake is about gone - I pulled his feet out of the freezer for breakfast. With the exception of a pound or two of ham slices and a really nice ham bone all of the festive food is gone, and the dietary good behavior starts today. *imagine sad face here*

Over the weekend we celebrated the WAACO Second Annual Combination Susi's Birthday and Geocaching Extravaganza. We were lucky enough to get a clear day with a high around fifty and nearly no wind while we were out and about. This year being lucky in weather is no small thing. Kim and Ruby had picked out some caches and printed out the coordinates and clues for us, so after lunch and wonderful presents out we all went on the hunt. Part of the "rules" of geocaching require that you try to be a little discrete so as not to give away the caches to "muggles". You can imagine how discrete eight women crawling around on the ground might be. Note to self: bring a flashlight and reading glasses next time.

Susi saw a tent she wants. She's not quite a rough and ready type, specializing in fine cooking equipment and a vast assortment of gloves. The one she wants has a vestibule large enough to stand up in, which would add a large measure of comfort and luxury. This is me giving Shana "The Look" when she suggested we might also need such a tent to replace the already palatial Taj M'Shana.

The state of my current knitting may be revealed on my next post. Now that the holiday rush is over I've picked up Baby Nimrod's blankie, which is nearly half done but does not look much different from the last picture. I've started on my blue scarf, but it's only about three inches long and will need to be blocked to show the pattern and is therefore not much to look at in its current state. I'm thinking about a pair of fetchings in alpaca for Shana, but my thoughts show up poorly on camera. She's encouraging me to cast on soon so she can wear them this year, but that doesn't make much of a picture either.

Happy New Year to all, and may the coming year bring fun and fellowship and some really good luck!


Anonymous said...

i'm a fan of pajama days ANY day! can't wait to see the knittins.

Anonymous said...

oops. that was me. Lynne.