Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Wheels Are Spun

The Spin Your Wheels Ride is over and the WAACO's have dispersed to their various homes. Everyone is so busy this month that we hardly seem to have time to visit outside of the cycling events. The day started bright and humid and stayed that way. We had a heat index over 100 by the end of the ride, so we did get the fair test of our training we had anticipated. I did the 100K ride. Lesson Learned: try Accelerade or GU20. The Gatorade supplied at most stops was a little too low on electrolytes for the temperature. I nearly got the cramp after the ride. Some of this was my own fault for losing the bottle I carry with Powerade, but I think I need a better choice of sports drink. I completed my ride at 12:34 - this would have 4 minutes too late to continue on to the century ride at Hotter N Hell, which is our next ride. To be fair, I had helped another rider out with a flat, which surely cost me 4 minutes. Diane suggested that I improve my time by skipping rest stops, but I think that given the difference in our fitness levels I will file that away for future consideration! Most of us completed our chosen rides, but the heat was a factor for all of us. One of the young men attempting the 100 mile ride got taken away in an ambulance with heat stroke. This is something we all want to avoid.
Tonight Shana and I will lounge around with a delivery of chinese food, for tomorrow we'll be back to culling, packing and pitching from our wretched closets.

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