Thursday, August 09, 2007

On Your Knees

Well, on her knees. Samantha finally had her knee surgery today and it went well. The way they described it was they shaved off some bone behind the kneecap so that although the cartilage in the area is damaged her kneecap will seat correctly. Because this was a Workers' Comp issue it has taken a solid year to get her approved. She was nervous and did not sleep well last night, but everything went smoothly. The surgeon thought he might have to "release" a tendon to get the kneecap to seat, but that was not necessary after all. The whole procedure was laproscopic, and she can walk on it as much as she wants as long as she is comfortable. She's got crutches for stability only. I am hoping and expecting that she will heal quickly. I stayed with her for a few hours this afternoon to be sure she was settled in and comfortable on her meds; she seems to be doing OK now. I imagine she won't be real comfy for a week or so, but after that she'll feel so much better. I wanted to take a picture of Samantha awaiting her surgery in her backless gown with the mysterious shower cap thingie on her head, but she was unaccountably reluctant to let me memorialize the occasion.

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