Friday, August 10, 2007

Hot Stuff

After a spring of deluding ourselves that we may escape the 100 degree temperatures we all enjoy so much, Oklahoma has decided to treat us to some real summer weather. We're expecting temperatures at or over 100 and heat indexes well above that every day for the next week at least. Just in time for Spin Your Wheels. I'm signed up for 100K, Shana is signed up for 50 miles, and the rest of the WAACO's are signed up to ride as far as they dare. I guess this will be where we see how our training is going and if we are ready for heat. I'm optimistic; my main issue is going to be what my speed looks like (as always).

I stopped by to visit with Vivian for a little while this afternoon. It had been more than a week since I last saw her, and she changes so much every time I see her. She's teething and drooling like crazy. She's figured out how to hold a teething ring up to her mouth and also how to grab her feet. She has apparently figured out how to wriggle out of her diaper, although I did not see that particular skill today. Also she's cooing and squeaking - so cute. I got there just a bit after Alex went back to work after his lunch hour, so she was almost ready to go for her nap, but it was so much fun to play with her.

I took a lot of projects with me when I took Sam to her surgery yesterday, with the mad assumption that I would get a lot of knitting done. I did get a couple of inches finished, and in fact I am almost at the decreases on the plain sock. I took all of them along to visit with Larry and Rita later in the day, but I guess I'm not the speedy knitter I thought I might be. I'm through the gusset on the first jigsaw sock, and almost ready to start the heel flap on the garter rib sock. I suppose if I were to devote my full attention to one sock only I'd be further along, but it's so nice to drift from one to the other I just can't settle. I've cast on for a cable and pocket shawl but since I have completed only half of the interior of one pocket I believe I'll wait a bit for the in progress photo. Right now it looks like half of a pot holder - not terribly impressive.

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