Monday, April 30, 2007

...And They're Off!

The WAACO's have officially started the race 'n rally season. Friday night everyone drove over to Muskogee (of Okie From Muskogee fame) for the Flower Power Ride. I was really looking forward to seeing Muskogee's beautiful azaleas, but I had forgotten the terrible ice storm they had this past winter. Honor Heights Park was beautiful, with great fountains and landscaping, but they had lost some 700 trees to the ice, and the combination of the ice and a late freeze didn't leave much in the way of blooming azaleas. We stayed at the Super 8, which was able to provide not only rooms for all, but a bedspread in my room the likes of which I have not seen since 1974, and a close up view of Muskogee's after-prom parties. Or perhaps I should say a close up hearing of the after-prom. Two members of our party had the misfortune to be next door to the party, and ended up moving to the other side of the building after the celebrants started knocking on their door.

Two members of our party were going for their first ride at an organized event, and this one was a great choice. We didn't end up riding very far, not too many hills, and free beer at the finish. I ended up with a massive allergy attack which I am still getting over due to Indian Paintbrush blooming season, but it was still a really fun trip. It was great to see everyone and get out in the open air for a ride together.

I finally got to see Baby Vivian in person last week. She's a cutie, and seems smaller than she looks in her photos. She's a night owl, but not much of a fusspot. Rumor has it Mom, Dad, and Baby were scheduled to get a picture done this week, so we should all experience the pleasure of having a good picture of everyone instead of my rather unflattering snapshots.

The Kimono Shawl is "on the wires" getting a proper blocking, the Monkey socks are within a few rows of being finished (still). I should have pictures for the next post. Next up?

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