Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oklahoma Spring

We're experiencing a real Oklahoma Spring this year. Last weekend and the week before we reached the mid-eighties. This week highs have been in the 50's, with snow flurries yesterday afternoon. The azaleas, tulips, and daffodils are blooming all over town. We may get a hard freeze tonight, although then again we may not. We'll be hosting an Easter luncheon for Shana's family tomorrow. Nancy was planning to have one, but they have been in the throes of kitchen renovations and she decided we'd better have it. Twelve people for fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and biscuits. We're going with three tables in the sun room, which I will make up tonight. We won't have time tomorrow.

There has been a little bit of crafty goodness this week. I finished some little socks for Baby Vivian. I used about half of the leftovers from one pair of adult socks and just kind of made a pattern up. I have leftovers of quite a few different colors, so I may turn out a few more. I also did a little work on her crocheted blanket. My hands are still sore after my bike wreck, especially my right thumb. Crochet is not too comfortable, so I have not done as much as I had hoped. I've got most of three repeats of nine done. Then it gets a picot border. I guess that makes it about 25% complete. The Kimono Shawl now measures a little over 5' long. In another foot or so I may call it a day and get it finished and blocked. The monkey socks are still just a few inches into the first cuff. I haven't even picked them up since I got back from Denver. My main excuse for that is that I really thought when I got back I would not be wearing my wool socks again until fall, so I was not in a hurry to get them done. Ha Ha - I am wearing them this weekend. Also I wanted to have something done for the baby before the middle of the month.
I doubt that I will get any of my projects finished this week. We may camp again next weekend, which will give me about four hours of car knitting. Unless I bring a really simple sock with me I probably won't do any knitting once we arrive. The main plan is to get in some cycling miles (without a wreck) and a good hike while we are there. The next week will be the Flower Power Bike Ride in Muskogee (I need to give our entrance forms to a friend tomorrow and I have not even decided on a distance yet), so I will have a few hours of car knitting time but probably won't have any other time during the weekend. We'll be coming back Saturday night because some of our group will be participating in a marathon on the day after. The rest will be going out to cheer. I will have a little knitting time during the week, if my hands feel OK.

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