Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Older by the minute, as far as I can tell. The Amazing Roxanne celebrated my birthday by running off this morning to explore the neighborhood. After cruising by the house a couple of times on her way to check out something new she finally came home all smiles. the Devil. We'll have cake and ice cream tonight, of course, and maybe an official singing of the Happy Birthday Song. Richard thinks we should stay away from candles as the required number will burn down the house. Thanks a lot, Richard.

More Vivian, of course, with The Parents. The picture is a bit too dark, but since the only glimpses I have gotten so far are cell phone pictures from Sam, I'll take what I can get. Thanks Sam!

One Monkey sock completely finished, the second on the needles past the cuff and into the pattern. Crafty goodness continues apace, even though Old Age is breathing down my neck.

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