Sunday, April 22, 2007


Presenting Baby Vivian Octaviana, My first grandchild. Born April 21, 6'9", 19 inches long. Anyone may be pardoned for thinking that she really should have held off for just a very few more hours to be born on my birthday (April 23). Still, she was in a hurry and one must accommodate youthful enthusiasm and impulsivity.

I have not been able to see her in person yet, as I am in Denver until Wednesday, but Samantha emailed me some pictures and I have heard her nice loud voice on the phone. Baby Vivian and Mom are doing fine, Daddy is tired out. Let the spoiling begin!!

For anyone who does not already know what I am doing in Denver again so soon, Mom had a heart attack last Sunday, but is recovering nicely. She's getting stronger every day and in a little while should actually feel much better than she has for a while. She was able to get help quickly, including a helicopter ride which she did not get to enjoy much. A stint was inserted, and she's going to be just fine, although ice cream should be dropping out of her diet, to be replaced by broccoli. She does not think this is a good exchange. If only there was a way to get the goodness of vegetables into some nice, buttery tasting cookies life would be much nicer. I'd go for that too!

I finished Baby Vivian's blanket Friday evening, and the Kimono Shawl last night. I don't have pictures to show yet, but I'll post some next week, if not to the blog then to my Flickr account. I'm almost to the toe decreases on the Monkey sock. It's amazing how much knitting a person can get done when you settle down quietly for a few days.

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