Sunday, February 25, 2007


Last night Shana and I hosted the Women's Adventure And Cycling Organization - WAACO. We got together over a love of cycling, and have found that we enjoy each other's company and like to pursue lots of other outdoor activities together. Over coffee one Saturday morning in December while bemoaning the fact that our busy schedules had kept us from seeing each other for weeks, someone had the brilliant idea to do a monthly potluck (I wish I could remember who, but it seems I've got a big hole in my head). On our first potluck we became WAACO. Last night in addition to a yummy Italian dinner we had conversation and laughter, and talked over our plans for which cycling events we want to try to do together this season. Some of our group are doing triathalons or marathons, so coordinating training schedules and attempts to recruit other (victims) participants for favored events was also part of the discussion. More pictures of the event are in my Flickr gallery (link on the sidebar) under WAACOS. Really I did not take many snaps. Aside from not wanting to flash anybody's face off the front of her head, I was having too good a time visiting with my friends.

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