Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's All About the Tools

I'm ashamed to say I've been planning a clean-a-thon for weeks now. Every weekend I say I'm going to do it, but it gets put off again and yet again. As a child we had these events every week, where the bathroom got its just deserts, the sheets were changed, and dust was banished to wherever it is that dust goes to. Sadly in adulthood I am not so regular with the bathroom cleaning. This makes the bathrooms slowly fester until either they reach a point of crisis or we anticipate company, whichever comes first. This week both crisis points have arrived simultaneously. The bathrooms are looking kind of rough and we are hosting the WAACO's (our cycling/camping/geocaching pals) for a potluck and game night next weekend. While we have hosted impromptu brunches, it would be nice to be orderly and tidy this time. We thought we would have a visit from Shana's mother as well this month, but a combination of poor health and remodeling disappointments are keeping her in Florida for a bit longer. It's also a Spring Cleaning issue because as soon as the weather warms up I am NOT going to start cleaning the house. I am going outside to play, and I won't be willingly spending a weekend cleaning house until October. If the weather holds I am going to get to some windows as well. Aunt Rita will be visiting this weekend, and she likes to do windows, so I'll take advantage of a willing helper.

Sometime in the near future I will be choosing the greenest options for house cleaning, but at this point I am enjoying all the toys. My Bucket of Blessings (AKA my cleaning bucket) contains a full complement of Swiffers, Magic Sponges, Magic Reaches, Magic glass cleaners, disposable toilet brushes, and disinfecting wipes for every nameable part of the house. Of course it also contains a variety of toothbrushes, dusters, and rags which are useful, but no fun. Shana loves gadgets, and we try them all. So far the Magic Sponge is my favorite (in its generic form). Although it is a bit spendy, as my Cleaner of Last Resort it hasn't failed to perform yet. The disposable toilet cleaners are pretty good, although not quite a new idea. I seem to remember a product like it in the sixties. It was a good idea then and it's a good one now.
I'm on the way out to a steak dinner - a multiple birthday extravaganza with the Humps. My plan is to post again tomorrow morning with something more fun and photogenic than my housework before heading off to church and lunch with the girls.

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