Monday, February 19, 2007

Free at Last

I got such a lucky break today! I was off for Presidents' Day, and the weather was perfect. Aunt Rita was visiting, so I did not go cycling, but we did take our dogs to the dog park. It had been so long since it was warm enough to enjoy it, and although today was breezy, we got up to 70 degrees. The dogs had a wonderful time running around and greeting the other dogs. I was just glad to finally be outdoors without a coat.

I'm sure that spring is finally here. Yes, I know we will have more snow and cold windy days, but the 7 day forecast has every day but 2 at 60 or above, and no morning lows below freezing. We have surely turned to corner. Winters are short here, and in early spring you can forget how truly awful the summer can be. Friday I'll take the road bikes in to Bike Pro for a tune up and and handlebar wrap. The next weekend we'll start the season in style. I've got a copy of Bicycling Magazine's Century Training Program: 100 Days to 100 Miles and I'm ready to go!
No crafty goodness today, but next entry will surely include a progress shot of the Kimono Shawl which will not impress on account of the general slow rate of knitting combined with the fairly unattractive look of unblocked lace. Nevertheless, you'll have to take what you can get. The socks in progress are not much more interesting, and I still have not cast on for Phoebe.

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