Saturday, February 10, 2007

Move Along Folks, Nothing to See Here

This has been a week of work of all kinds, and not much to show for it. I've been working on the Parting Ways Socks every day at lunch. It's still pretty slow going. I'm halfway down the heel, but only posing them artfully with a piece of fruit makes them at all interesting to look at. Once I am past the heel it will go a lot quicker as I wil have pattern on only half for sock. The Kimono Shawl continues apace, but since it is only two repeats past the last picture featured here, it's not worth another showing yet. I do have a pair of basic socks nearly half done, but they are not that interesting. I have not yet swatched for my Phoebe sweater, although I have read through the pattern several times and played with the yarn a little. Most of the slavery this week has been of the paid variety, and when I get home I am not breaking any speed or originality records.
I do have some violets blooming in my office this week. Since they bloom off and on all year you'd think that I would become used to seeing it, but they are so pretty that I'm delighted every time. I am thinking that I need to splurge and buy one in another color so I'll have the pleasure of contrast as well.
I went to see a movie last night: The Departed, which was excellent. The cast, script, plot, cinematography, all were wonderful. To be fair I must add that it included graphic and shocking violence. Tonight the entertainment will be a trip to "The Hive" - we are going to see the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets play basketball. The games are a lot more fun than I expected, and very well attended. This is the last season for the Hornets in Oklahoma City, because they are returning to New Orleans full time next year. Rumor has it that we will have the Seattle Supersonics here soon, but so far it's all rumor, partially fueled by the purchase of the Seattle team by a group of Oklahoma City investors. Having the Hornets here has made a big difference in how the pro teams saw Oklahoma City. Now that it's clear we can support an NBA team everyone says we will get one soon.
I'll have my taxes out of the way this weekend, and will be looking forward to spring, kicking off with a Presidents' Day holiday three day weekend next week. It looks like our cold weather will be hanging on through all of next week with some snow in the forecast, but with March just around the corner I am hopeful. I've even seen evidence of grass fires. With fire season starting can tornado season be far behind?

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