Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's A-Pear-ant

Me & My Snack. This is the most fun I had all day yesterday. I had a bad hair day. A really bad hair day. I had such attitude about going to work that when I left the house I forgot to fix my hair. So I went to work with bed head. I guess that's better than forgetting my pants. A little. There was no Boston Legal (although the Bob Woodward special about traumatic brain injury was wonderful). There was so much to do this week I needed to stay late at work and missed my yoga class. Cedar is blooming - sneeze, choke, sneeze. Work is not fun this week. The big acquisition is in the beginning phase of digestion and it's the time when nothing is working quite right. The royalty owners are calling me constantly to tell me how unhappy they are and how satisfied they had been with the previous operators. At length. With shouting. It's deadline time to get the 1099 filings out. Everyone in my department is tired, and there is no good addition to our team in sight. It's warm outside, my bike is back from the shop, and I am inside working working working. No one loves me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms. It's the late winter blahs - the allergies are in full swing but it hasn't been warm enough for me to ride yet - all the pretty days either feature 40 mph wind, or happen mid-week when I am trapped indoors by my bad habit of going to work. The days are getting longer but sunset is still too early for me to get in a ride after work on the days when it might be warm enough. It's time for an official attitude adjustment. I'll be traveling out to Denver in less than a month to hang out with the fam and the break will do me good. In the meantime I'll just have to buck up and keep in mind how fortunate I am compared to 90% of the people on the planet.

There has been crafty goodness, mostly in the form of knitting. I'll wait a bit before posting another progress picture of the shawl. It looks the same as it did on Saturday, except just a little tiny bit longer. Use your imagination. There are socks in progress, of course. With the help of a little car time I am nearly through the heel on the second sock. Nothing fancy, but pretty colors and soothing knitting.

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TLH said...

I couldn't get through to the end of the post...That pear on your head!

BAAAA! That's so funny!

PS. Don't eat worms.