Saturday, November 04, 2006

3 1/2 Days to Daylight

Or at least three and one-half days 'til the Dems get control of the House (and maybe the Senate). I have two fears - What if we don't wrest control from "those people" and What if we do. My hope is that we can get control, and we can either elect some people with backbone or encourage some of our guys to develop a bit of a spine.

Shana came home today from Boston. Her mom continues to get stronger, and is recovering well from the surgery. She'll still need some help, and has a few people lined up to come and stay for a bit. Her step-daughter is there for the weekend, and one brother will come and help out for a week or so. Past that Shana will go back, or I will go out and stay with her a week (or both).

Shana came home with prezzies!!! I knew she was looking at T-Shirts for me at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and she did get me one of their cool T's for this year. What I didn't know is that there were more goodies to come. She brought me two good art pencils, and a box of art nouveau stickers of various sizes in a really pretty display box which will be great for supplies even after I use the stickers up. One bundle of stickers is just the right size to use for book plates. I was just thinking how much I would like to have some for my knitting books and they have magically appeared. There is also a little tin featuring the Creature From the Black Lagoon - perfect to contain breath mints in my purse. It will be fun to offer them around from that fun tin.

There is a little gift shop in Falmouth, the nearest town to Shana's mom's home, which has something of a split personality. In the front half there is a very nice gift shop with all kinds of dainty treasures, lovingly arranged. The back half is a yarn store which is stacked and packed with less of an eye to display quality than to just getting every possible yarn into view. They always have lots of good stuff and I usually pick up something whenever I visit Falmouth which makes a great souvenir. Usually Shana (and her mother, when she comes shopping with us in Falmouth) gets tired of watching me fondle and maul the yarn. Not only am I indecisive - I have to carefully narrow down my options, but there is so much yarn in such a small space you practically have to crawl around on the floor to get a good look at it all. Shana and her mom run off down the street rather than wait until I have pawed through everything in the shop. I didn't imagine that Shana would venture in by herself to pick out some yarn, so it was a thrill to see the familiar golden bag come into view. Wildfoote luxury sock yarn, in Brown Sugar, for me me me! I think I'll cast on for some cable knit socks tonight! Of course the picture does not look like anything much, but Wildfoote is handpainted in beautiful, saturated colors. This particular colorway has all kinds of deep autumn colors from almost purplish brown to golden and red, with a tiny flash of deep navy blue. It's very fine yarn, and will make a really pretty pair of socks. When I start knitting it up (and my camera deigns to treat me to flash photography) the colors will show up beautifully.

Of course crafting is happening this weekend. I've started the gift afghan, pictured here pretty much backwards, with the back side prominently displayed. Never mind, it's not the last appearance of this project. It'll look better next time it appears. It's black, charcoal grey, and white. I've forgotten how much "fun" crochet is to do in black. The pattern is established now, so it will go smoothly from here on. One complete blue stripe sock is finished and the other started; the first purple and green sock is getting a heel flap; the second fingerless glove lacks only a thumb, which will be done before the weekend is over. Friday afternoon and evening I worked my projects in rotation, while Rita worked on her latchhook project.

Our cycling group got together for coffee this morning - we've all been busy, so it was great to find a little time to catch up with each other in person. We'll be training after to first of the year, but in the meantime it was fun to visit. Too bad we met before Shana got back to town, because she would have enjoyed it too.

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