Saturday, October 28, 2006

Craftulous Saturday

I'm all by myself this weekend. Shana is in Boston with her mother (who's doing very well after her heart surgery) and I have no social engagements, so I've been crafting up a storm. I worked on the Super Secret Project all day today, and made some very significant progress. The giant pile of craft supplies here is only a part of the giant pile I was working from today. Since I did not have to concern myself with cooking or company I just took out everything I might possibly need in the course of the day and laid it out all over the counter for my convenience. I don't know whether it was a good move or not. It was inspiring to have everything ready to hand, but as the day wore on it got a little out of control. I've got it all stacked up in neat piles now, since I have put this project aside for the evening. It is still a mess, and I have some things set out on the other counters as well. Tomorrow I'll spread it out again and take another run at it.

I was thinking we might get to the dog park this afternoon for a break, but I was doing so well on my project that I did not like to stop, so we stayed home all day. We did get out for a walk this morning, and will again later this evening. I put Roxy outside on the leash for a couple of hours this afternoon since the sun was nice and warm today. She loves to bask in the sun and enjoy the smells and sounds of the outdoors. It's one of her favorite activities. You'd think it would bore her, but although she'd rather be running down the street chasing cats she'll settle for a nap in the sun. Maybe tomorrow we'll slip out to the dog park with her friend Skippy.

This evening I'll turn to my knitting. I knit for a while yesterday evening while watching the Dog Whisperer. Progress is significant, although possibly boring to look at. You can be the judge. I'll probably work on the socks, although I should be started a gift afghan. I've got the yarn and the pattern, but I am putting off starting it because the first few rows of a crochet project are the hardest for me. That's when I am most likely to count wrong, or make the thing shrink or grow along the edges. Once the pattern is established it seems so much easier. The last couple of afghans I made I tore out the first four rows about three times each before I got them underway. Twister is starting, which will be good knitting entertainment, so it should be a nice evening of crafty goodness.

Fall is here - all of a sudden the leaves have turned and they are starting to fall. It won't be long before The Big Rake begins. Fall color here is nothing like it was in Ohio - there are fewer varieties of trees, and the ones we have don't put on the same show as the maples and beeches of my youth, but they are still pretty, and the fall smell is still in the air. The squirrels are socking away their winter treasure - not as many acorns as last year, I'm glad to report - and they are all fat as little piggies and busy as can be. It's just about time to take the begonias to the office for the winter. They are quite happy there, and bloom all winter.

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