Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winter Won't Last Forever

This guy is probably a Hairy Woodpecker
This morning in spite of the weather forecast the skies were gray and depressing again. I am on the outer edge of how much crummy weather I want to look at so I adjourned to my library to sulk. Although my private lair is in the basement it is painted a sunny yellow and can look much more cheerful than yet another dank rainy day.

Roxy in her under-the-table lair
Later today Shana brought me a delicious french pastry from Maison Villate and the sun came out: two promising events. I took the bored, depressed and sun deprived Amazing Roxanne out for a spin around the neighborhood to cheer us both up. Everyone was out for a walk to get a bit of sun and some exercise that does not involve a shovel and snow.

When I came back I could notice that signs of spring have appeared in spite of the temperatures. The birds are active and you can see leaf buds on the trees and shrubs. I suppose that means it will eventually stop snowing every single. weekend.

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