Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring on the Beach

This morning I was thrilled by the weekly weather forecast. It looked inviting and warm. It called for high temperatures around 50°. How did I get to be so easily pleased? Any anyway, those temperatures were for Boston. Here on Cape Cod the highs will be closer to 40°, which to me is more like dead of winter temperature especially since the lows are in the mid 30s. We had snow flurries this morning. I am sulking something fierce because the Summer People are starting to come down to open their vacation homes before the year round residents have even had a weekend when we could walk on the beach without major outerwear.

I've been to the beach a couple of times this week: to South Cape on Sunday and Menahaunt Beach yesterday. Sunday the beach parking lot was about half full as the sun starved locals got out with their dogs to enjoy the day. Yesterday on Menahaunt Beach I met no one. Almost all of the homes in this area are summer and vacation homes and the families are all still out of town.

Next weekend will be yard cleanup weekend, no matter what the thermometer says. I'll take ugly "before" pictures and check out the condition of the lawn mover. Apparently Shana ran over a stump... I will put the snow shovels in the shed where they will stay until fall no matter what. In short, I will pretend that winter is over. I might even go to the nursery to admire shrubs.  Shana and I will discuss the layout of the new sunny bed where I am allotting a corner for her veggie growing experiments. Next time I am in Falmouth I will dig up some more hydrangea offsets and some little dogwoods, and look for some young holly trees to transplant to supplement my shrub borders. Our useless fence is coming down a panel or two at a time and I will not be replacing it, but will instead surround our property with beautiful shrubs for privacy and appearance.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

That's the spirit! Come H*ll or High Water, Winter is over!

I hope the lawn mower is ok. Stumps are so unforgiving.

We get a winter crowd and a summer crowd but the summer people are much more numerous. Winter crowds are always surprised at how cold the water is! Surprise! hehe