Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Knitting a Log Cabin

I'm on a roll! Yesterday I finished another baby blanket. This one was a knit log cabin blanket, as inspired by Mason Dixon Knitting, one of my favorite knitting books. This one is a little different from the pattern as printed in the book, but only a little. I did choose the girly pink and purple color scheme as requested by the prospective Mommy. This will be her third child and only girl - she wants to go full on pink. When I finished the body of the blanket I thought a little about the edging. I decided with the strong graphics of the blanket a lacey edging would look silly. I considered picking up and knitting a garter stitch border, but discarded the idea as with a grater stitch blanket I thought I'd want something a little firmer. The idea of applied I-cord made my heart sink, so I went with "Old Faithful" - the basic single crochet edge.

I took Roxy for a walk at the Lowell Holly Reservation today. I'm working every night this week so I think I'll try to get both of us outside in the good weather every day so I don't feel like a mushroom in a cave. Also I need to get out & clean up my beds for spring. I have seen a lot of plants springing up around the Cape so it's time to get ready for gardening season. Lots of outdoor action for me this week!


naomi dagen bloom said...

Such envy on my part with too many UFOs in the basket and here you are with adorable knit quilt. Kay Gardiner of M-D would be delighted. And the crochet frog. Very impressive.

jaykaym said...

Love the Log Cabin Baby Blanket. We are having a explosion of babies amongst my friend's children - all children I've known since they were in pre-school. I'm looking for easy blankets to make since it will become a full-time job keeping up with our baby population explosion. If you have other good easy baby patterns in your repetoire to share I'd gratefully appreciate it.