Friday, March 16, 2012

Pink 'n Purple & in Progress

The pink and purple extravaganza continues with Vivian's afghan under way. She requested pink and purple with flowers and that is what she'll have, in spite of the fact the I dislike granny squares. They are too fiddly to be fun and I hate sewing things together, but I could not think of a way to get flowers into the project without them. I've decided not to do an allover granny square afghan, but to put panels of granny squares into a background of more rational crochet. I think combinations of single and double rows generally look good and hold up well, an important consideration because I am hoping this blanket will see a lot of use. Once I am finished I may go for a fancy border to girlie it up (as if it will need that!).


June Calender said...

I just discovered your blot via Time Goes By. Love you header photo, looks like the bay side, maybe Great Island off Wellfleet? I'm a fairly recent wash ashore too. I like your photos and your tone of voice. Come visit me at

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I love your colors for this afghan. And your idea of mixing things up sounds like it will work out well. Is that silvery gray outlining the four squares? Very nice!