Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Porcupine Love

I seem to be doomed to forever live where there are no porcupines. I have a long standing unsatisifed wish to see one in the wild. Although their range does not extend to Cape Cod they apparently live in northern Massachusetts and elsewhere in northern New England, so i'm thinking a camping trip up north should be planned for next summer. In the meantime video will have to suffice:

We have a live Christmas tree this year (incompletely decorated). After much negotiation we purchased a baby Norfolk Island Pine. Although they can reach to 200 ft in their natural habitat, I think ours will stay a little smaller! I had to buy some ornaments for it - everything we have for a "real" tree is scaled too big for this tiny tree. Combined with a swag on the door, a poinsettia and lighted snowmen  in the front yard we about as festive as I've been for several years.  The weather reports are trending cooler - this is one place where a White Christmas is a distinct possibility.

It's easy to tell I have lived in a warmer climate for a long time - I just made my reservations for a trip to Oklahoma and Colorado in January. Whenever I book for the summer I know when not to arrive to avoid landing in a thunderstorm, but apparently I am not considering winter storms at all. I'm crossing my fingers that all will go smoothly.

I'm sure Roxy hopes that the extremely boring quality of her pictures will keep me from bothering her, but not so!


Tish Jett said...

Thank you for your comment today. I was so touched by it. When I look at your sweet, sweet dog it makes me think of one of mine. Their faces are very similar.

Such a pleasure to meet you.

Warm regards,

Tish Jett said...

Oh yes, we're both Taurus-es. . .

Lisa said...

Oh gracious that porcupine is adorable.