Friday, December 09, 2011

Still Cranking Them Out

I've been plugging right along with the knitting. This week I pulled a big skein of handspun wool from my stash for a quick and casual scarf and hat. It's getting cool here and I was eager to have something woolly, and new to wear for beach walks. This was yarn I purchased at Taylor Bray Farm at last spring's open house. Because the yarn itself has a lot of texture and color changes that I wanted to emphasize I went with a very simple mistake rib, and made a hat loosely based on the London Beanie (very loosely, mostly I just used the stitch count!) and added a teeny little pom pom to use up the last atom of the yarn. I'll know I'm making the absolute most of my increased available knitting time when I clear out the little stash of unfinished projects and either complete them or unravel them to prepare the yarn for a more congenial project.

Whenever I walk up to my beautiful Roxanne with the camera she looks put upon and pulls her ears in. I promise she does not always look so unhappy in real life. She still has her fluffy coat and friendly disposition but  it's pretty easy to see that she is getting old - her eyesight is not great anymore, and sometimes I startle her because she no longer hears me coming.  If I'm lucky I'll have her a good while longer, but it's a reminder of how short the life of a dog is compared to ours.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Roxie certainly looks like a celebrity who is sick of the paparazzi. Such dignified disdain.

I so loved the sounds Teddy the porcupine made with his corn on the cob, I snagged it for the kids and DH to see tomorrow. None of us have seen a porcupine since we camped in the mountains and two were tussling over some bit of space. Being human all the ground looked the same to us.

Merry Christmas to you and Melissa.