Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Before and After Two

Our remodel is not complete yet, but I'm pretty close in some rooms. The guest room in particular is within "spittin' distance" of being finished because the only thing it lacks is window treatments. I'll be making roman shades for that room, probably next week. I wanted to buy them (lazy me) but could not find them for the next to nothing price I wanted to spend.  The plan is to make simple denim blue shades. The art is two seaside watercolor prints on one side and a Leroy Neiman "Moby Dick" print on the facing wall. Just enough color without being overwhelming. The picture on the dresser/nightstand is (I think) a watercolor of the Capri Market where we used to get our emergency snacks when we vacationed in Florida.

This room was originally quite obviously the boy's room. The most urgent need in this room aside from appropriate furniture was simply several coats of paint. The window in the "before" picture is the same on in the "after" shot. I think the general look turned out to be simple and restful. I can vouch for the beds being reasonably comfortable because we have slept in them several times. We did leave the ceiling fan in this room because it is rather small and white. The room is quite small and I think that guests might like the option of a fan.

Enjoy! as always, click on the pictures to enlarge and esc or back arrow to return.


zippiknits...sometimes said...

That is a very lovely upgrade for that room. i♥that room! Happy sewing to you, too!

marianne said...

Lovely. Simply lovely. Again!