Monday, September 05, 2011

Before and After Number 1

Several weeks ago I made my pilgrimage to IKEA for bookcases.  They've been sitting stacked up in the basement ever since, waiting for me finish painting and get ready to put them up. Yesterday I set aside a day when I had someone available to help with the assembly, so I put together five bookcases and set up my lair. I started with a very plain white basement room with no windows, and now I have a cozy yellow room full of STUFF! I had originally thought some variety of beige or taupe might look good with all the shelves and books, but after living with the cards pinned to the wall for a few days I decided it needed something a lot warmer. Then again, the ugly beige color in the living room may have soured me on all things beige. Shana and I have agreed that because our home is quite small we did not want to overwhelm the main living areas with too many accessories, but in my own private domain I believe more is more. As I acquire additional books I may have to trim down the accessories, but for now it's fun to have everything out where I can enjoy it. On the other side of the room that you can't see is my desk and a stand with my TV and printer.

And lest you forget that it is Labor Day and that I come from a long line of union supporters, I leave you with an old song:

Don't let the right wing opposition make you forget that it was the American Union Movement that brought you the 40 hour work week, freedom from child labor, and OSHA.


jaykaym said...

What a very lovely room! And how I envy your "private domain".

Kay Dennison said...

Wow!!! I just love your "me" space!!!! It's just awesome!!!!

And thanks for Joe Hill! My dad was active in his union and I was rank and file in my CWA days with Ma Bell and did my time on picket lines.

And isn't Joan lovely with her short hair? She's taken wonderful care of her voice. Thanks for the awesome blast from the past!!!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Your lair is perfectly lovely, and the yellow is gorgeous! Bring some sun into the area!

I am also a life long union supporter, married a union man and walked many a picket line with the CWA. Unions kept the working man out of poverty and made for strong families lives, too. Thanks for the video of Joan Baez. She and I share a high school.

marianne said...

What a treasure of a lair, you lioness you. :) Go Joan Baez! I have a funny story about her visiting with my family in Nevada City (she was a good friend of their neighbors)and she graced everyone by sitting at the piano and singing after dinner. One little child of another family there yelled out mid song: "Would you hurry up! It's MY TURN!" hahahaha

Thanks for the note on my blog...she'll be back!

lacochran's evil twin said...

What a difference! Lovely and inviting.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Excellent progress with cheerful color on the walls and books on view. Must feel very settled for you now.

Saw a bumper-sticker last year here in Portland, Oregon,"Saturday: brought to you by American unions." Good to see that a few remember the connection!