Sunday, September 18, 2011

And Now For Something Exactly Like You Would Expect From Me

Once again a video in my bucolic fantasy vein:

On the home front: we are doing the template for the bathroom vanity tomorrow, the kitchen counter template (again) on Tuesday. This should put us at least a week away from installing those counters, which will leave only flooring thresholds, paint in the bathroom, and window treatments for the guest room, bathroom, and kitchen.

I had my heart set on simple Roman shades, but it turns out they are pretty much a custom item which would cost me close to $300 for the guest room alone.  It is going to be me and my little sewing machine for this job, because I know I  can make them for a lot less.

I'm down to three boxes of kitchen to unpack - no hurry because until the kitchen counters are in I can't get the kitchen settled. I hope the beaters for my hand mixer are in one of those boxes because they were not with the mixer! I did put up a shelving unit in the basement for the things I know will not fit into our little cupboards in the kitchen. I think this will work perfectly - we don't use all of our kitchen equipment every day, after all. I promised someone at work I would bring her brownies as soon as I unpacked my pans, so I'd better start looking for recipes.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Cows are always very curious about things around and about their little pastures, and this is so cool!

BTW, that pirate joke is hilarious! Harr karr harr! :o)

Sewing is the way to get just what you want, and save a bundle of money sometimes, too. YayYou and your little sewing machine!