Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things are Happening

As of today all of the old flooring which will be removed is gone (well, some of it is sitting outside on the deck), and some of the new flooring is in. We had kitchen flooring installed last week, and hardwood flooring installation started today. When I got here this morning most of the carpeting was gone, and some additional sub-floor had been installed. This afternoon they removed the last of the carpeting and started installing our beautiful new bamboo floor. It looks lighter on the website than it does in person. The two installers started in the hall, which is probably the most time consuming part of the job, with several doors and door moldings to be adjusted for. The rest should go in tomorrow, just in time for us to enjoy it for the weekend. This will be a massive improvement over the sub-floor covered in old peel and stick adhesive we had last week. Of course there was a failure to communicate between the designer and contractors, so I ended up with a  lot of quarter round which I will not need. If only they would talk to each other my life would be so much easier. We also did not end up with the transition molding I need to get between to kitchen and the hall, but the installers seem to think they can fabricate what is needed from scraps of the flooring. Also my painter comes Monday and I need the baseboard to be in before he comes. Guess who will be doing that job over the weekend? Shana will surely have a heart attack to see me doing that, but too bad! I think that white baseboard finished with the dark quarter round will look great. The old baseboard is numbered, so I should be able to make that work. And it will be a great excuse to purchase a miter box and a conveniently small saw. I'd really like a reciprocating saw...

Whenever flooring is removed lots of surprises come to light. I knew that there had been at one time a wood burning fireplace in the basement, but I did not know it had been connected to the front bedroom. The hole for the vent had just been carpeted over, waiting for one of us to put a foot in the hole! Other than that no untoward things were discovered, so unless there is a similar hole in the guest room we should have no more surprises.  A similar hole in the guest room would not cause any trouble because the headboards are against that wall (for now; the feng shua is not great) so no foot traffic will be going that way.

The little issue of the severed floor joists in the basement has been resolved, so we are golden except for that one little issue of having no bathroom at the moment. On the trip to Home Depot this weekend to look at possible book shelving I will pick up some tubing to hook up my dehumidifier to the drain and that should make everything easy peasy. I was kind of hoping for built in book shelves, but it looks like that will have to wait a bit. If I can just get them all out of boxes and onto some kind of shelves I think I'll be happy with that for a while.

I am running out of gratuitous dog pictures, so obviously I will have to take some more! This picture of Roxy is in her favorite basket. She and Mitzi share this one, so she'll have to have her own for the new house because it is her favorite hangout these days.

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