Tuesday, August 02, 2011

By the Shining Sea

I had time today to try out one of Cape Cod's many bike paths, and chose the Shining Sea Bikeway which extends 10 miles from North Falmouth to Woods Hole. It's a good choice for a casual ride: a twenty mile out and back ride with plenty of places to stop along the way if you like. There are benches along the way, even a water fountain near Woods Hole. If you are taking a really casual ride you can stop for lunch or ice cream at one of a number of places close to the path. There are even a number of places with parking lots to access the path, so you can select a shorter section to ride if you prefer.

The Shining Sea Bikeway is almost totally flat, and runs through a variety of areas. It runs through residential areas where you can have a peek into people's gardens and back yards, through the Great Sippewisset Marsh (with benches and informational placards), through the back side of Falmouth, and finally past the beach and into Woods Hole.  The weather today was warm and brilliant - couldn't ask for better.

A lot of it is shaded and it's flatness, makes it an excellent choice for families, skaters, and walkers of all levels of ability. It's really popular, but I did not find it too crowded in the middle of a weekday for an enjoyable ride. I did it quite comfortably on my mountain bike, but the number of people using it might make it uncomfortable to do on my road bike unless I started super early in the morning. It's not really suitable for fast riders in the middle of the day. I'll be trying a lot of the Cape's many bikeways, but the beauty and convenience of this one will bring me back to it again for sure.

I now have wood flooring in boxes in my living room and blueboard in the shower - tomorrow I may actually have the beginnings of a kitchen floor. Shana and I plan to sleep over there this weekend - we'll have to bring a flashlight to go to the bathroom out in the yard after dark!

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

We are long time bike riders, me from childhood, though not these last 12 years. Dh just got a very lightly used combo racer/mountain bike which I look longingly at.

Though your trail isn't likely a project of theirs, Rails to Trails is something we have contributed to for years and years.

Thank you for the lovely look at a bike trail that is really a beauty.

Glad the house is coming along there, and hope that you get to sleep in it, though you are wise to avoid most of the remodeling time there. It's a headache to live in a house when it's being remodeled!

Mariachi music is one of my favorites.