Monday, August 15, 2011

Paint Day

Please note the color of the old trim!
Today my painter came to start on the trim and ceilings. Steve did all of the ceilings today, and tomorrow he starts in on the trim. I can hardly wait, because the trim in my living room is flat paint the color of band-aids. Just gruesome. My downstairs neighbor in Columbus, Ohio had walls that color once by accident as a result of mixing together every partial can of spare paint (her husband was the super). I can't imagine selecting that color on purpose!  It sets off the flesh toned pinky-beige of the walls to perfection. Our house really was maintained well so I shouldn't complain, but the painted surfaces are not any colors I would have chosen.
Roxanne trying out the comfort of drop cloths
While the painter  was here our contractor came over and now I know where the other key to the house is hidden. If only I'd known that the two days I climbed into the kitchen window! I'm pretty sure the neighbors now think I am a crazy person or a felon.

Between bouts of nail, screw and window blind removal I've been watching a Curb Appeal: The Block marathon. Oh how I wish someone would knock on my door offering a $20,000.00 makeover for my front yard! By next spring we should have most of our indoor projects done except for those waiting for financing and we'll be ready to tackle some landscaping projects in the front yard.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Roxanne is so adorable, and she seems settled right in, but must think the new rug is a little funny.

Your house will be lovely! And you could just tell the neighbors that the kitchen window is going to be the new side door, when the greenhouse goes in. ;-)