Friday, August 06, 2010

The Queen of Cat Town

One night this week while I was out molesting and annoying the ducks at Lake Overholser I could not help but notice a cluster of those hollow plastic rocks people buy to hide utility meters and stuff in their yards. At first only one caught my eye and I thought it might be some mechanical item that maintenance crews wanted to disguise. Then I noticed there were lots of them. Then I saw a cat food bowl and all became clear. It's Cat Town.
The "rocks" all have openings near the bottom and are apparently supplying condos for homeless cats. I hope this is part of a catch, spay and release program.

The ducks are not that interested in my company, I am sorry to say. Neither are the denizens of Cat Town. That does not keep me from trying to creep up on them as a handy way to put off getting on my bicycle and peddling off into the wind in 103 degree temperatures.

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. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Did you notice if the cats had "notched" ears? That's the sign of spay-and-release.