Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hotter 'N Hell 2010

This year at Hotter 'N Hell at Wichita Falls Texas we were met by excellent weather and 14,000 cyclists. With a predicted high of 94 a lot of cyclists decided this was the time to try a century ride. Two of our group who had been training all summer thought this might be their year. I must admit I toyed with the idea, but after much consideration I had to admit I was not strong enough this year to try for it and signed up for 100K instead. The 100K is a very good ride and a good choice.

With a such a huge number of participants there were some traffic problems at the start, including a few serious accidents. Bicycle traffic backed up, and rest areas were overwhelmed. This huge line of people is waiting for the line of portapotties in the distance. Volunteers filled the bottles of riders waiting in line so there would be less delay in getting back on the road and the drinks tent would not be too backed up. I think it might be time to revisit the question of how many potties are required. All of the rest areas were overwhelmed this year on the 100K course.

Everyone in our group finished their chosen rides, and it was a great day. Most of us were pretty tired by the end of the day and I was certainly no exception. I was so happy not to have anything I had to do at the end of the evening it was hard to get up and toddle off to bed. Lots more pictures over at my Flickr gallery (link on the sidebar), and congrats to everyone, especially our century riders!

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