Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shana's Little House on 60th Street

Shana's love of cooking is branching out. She's been intrigued by canning lately, and a taste of some green tomato pickles created by a friend at work combined with the recipe and a free sack of green tomatoes took her from curiosity to cooking. We now have six jars of green tomato pickles cooling on the kitchen counter. They smell great and by the sound of them are sealing nicely. I for one would love to see some home made jam or pear butter in my cupboard. The beautiful canned goods are giving her a little farm lust. I've nearly got her convinced that if she had a big garden to can from I'd really need some chickens to eat up the bugs!

Shana also made some Halloween themed cookies for Aunt Rita to take home and share with the
staff at the home. It was a good thing Aunt Rita
came over this weekend, because as it turns out she has a sinus infection. She had a persistant cough and Shana took her to the "Doc In A Box" around the corner and got it taken care of. Since Rita is not much of a complainer (except when it comes to the gossip-worthy) the staff could easily have missed this until it got much worse.

I was not moved to cook personally, although I did have a hand in decorating the cookies. I made
a felted crochet hedgehog which I'd been thinking about for a while, but I don't know that it is gift worthy. I had intended it as a present for one of the children on my gift list, but we'll see. Although it is kind of cute, it resembles nothing so much as a hairy football with eyes. I suppose that's why in the pattern book it was only shown head on or peeping out of a basket full of other cute toys. It didn't take me long to make it, or much in the way of purchased materials, but it was not so much fun to crochet with the fun fur and wool held together. I had to have a lot of light and even then missed stitches like crazy. I have some little amigurumi in mind which are less ambiguous in appearance and I may just stick with them for prezzies. I'll have a pair of socks finished this afternoon and maybe a little critter if I can pry myself away from gawking at other people's projects online.


Unknown said...

Beautiful pickles. As a kid I never liked pickled things and so let my mother's pickle recipes get away from me--corn relish, bread and butter pickles, chili sauce and the rest. Really regret that now...

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Oh those look good. Congrats to Shana.

I used to make those from a family recipe that came down through the maternal side. The paternal side gave me the olive curing skills, and a whole evil troll personality I had to shed before I was 3 years old. Evil trolls don't put up with evil troll babies. They eat them alive.

I like the hedgehog/hairy football with eyes. It might scare a little kid though. Hmmm?