Saturday, October 03, 2009

And to Think That I Saw It on May Avenue

I had to work this morning (one of the sad consequences of taking a vacation), and Shana encouraged me to meet her at Firestone on North May so I could drop off my car for an oil change and tire rotation. This falls somewhere along the continuum between washing windows and buying a new broom. However, I got a reward for driving down May Avenue this morning, aside from that warm feeling of having taken care of my car. I got to see the best car in Oklahoma City! The owner was there, and while I did not ask the most burning question in my mind (What did you pay for this?) I did visit with him just a little about his ride. He did not create the green lizard car himself, but said he bought it directly from the artist. There were several people hanging around asking questions, so I never did hear who the artist was or why he bought it. There are little stickers on the windows which I thought would say "do not touch", but instead they said "invite someone to church today", so I think the owner was there taking advantage of the attention his car gets to pass along this message. I had to run along because Shana was waiting for me, but not before I got my pictures!

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