Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Weather is Here

Last night I faced facts and brought my tropical plants in from the patio to winter in the garage. It gave me something nice to do while I waited for the Evil Wild Dog of the Prairie to come back from her midnight escape. I may have been a little early, as the near freezing temperatures I was expecting did not materialize, but it's been obvious for a while that the cool nights are not agreeing with the tropicals. They've stopped growing and have been just squatting out there giving me the Evil Eye. It feels like an odd exercise this year because if all goes as I hope I will not have a place for them next summer. Someone else will have the pleasure of my Little Shop of Horrors sized aloe vera and the big tub o' gerbera daisies. I'll bring Shana's kitchen herbs in today - I think the light in the garage is good enough to keep them going for the winter. I cut a nice bouquet from the annuals still going strong in the front yard; they make a pretty display and I may as well enjoy them a little longer.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

Beautiful! I'd say more but I'm talking too much tonight. But they are beautiful.

You will have less plants next year?