Sunday, October 11, 2009

Moving Day Fun

Not my own moving day, I'm happy to say. Nancy's house is finally sold, so it's time to empty the house and take the contents to Texas. Nancy and Larry have been down there for a while in temporary digs, leaving the bulk of their belongings in the house in Oklahoma City. Matt drove up with her to empty the house. There was a lot to do. I wrapped pictures in bubble wrap for the trip, and did a little packing. The guys got everything in the truck. Nancy made final decisions about what was going and which things would be donations. Matt, James and Jeremy provided most of the muscle, with Alex pitching in for a while too. We all had our pick of the donations before the truck came. I picked up a (ceramic) chicken and a pretty basket for my knitting. It was hard work, but a good day for all except maybe Matt, who with every item loaded up into the truck imagined himself unloading it.

Nancy will be back in a couple of weeks to clear out the few remaining things. It should only amount a a couple of boxes. Then the house will get a quick clean up and it's done. The move has been a hard one for Nancy but everything is falling into place now.

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