Sunday, September 27, 2009

Benvenuto a Miami

All flights were cheaper going in and out of Miami this year, so Shana scheduled everyone's flights through there. The time difference between driving back and forth from Miami and Fort Meyers is surprisingly little, so we just go with whichever is cheaper. Normally all we see of Miami is the airport, but this year because we were picking Shelley up in the middle of the day later in the week we decided to do a little sightseeing. The weather was bad, but true to our usual feeling about vacation weather always being good enough, we did not care.

When we arrived in Miami and were waiting for the rental car shuttle we found out about the Super Shuttle. Suddenly the thought of having to drive over to the airport from our sightseeing, cruise around the no-parking airport looking for Shelley, and go out to find another parking spot in town flew right out of our minds. Yay Super Shuttle! All Hail the Super Shuttle! All we had to do was park the car, pick a spot for cocktails and lunch, and tell Shelly where to meet us. She was a little hesitant at first (Oklahoma City is NOT where you learn to love public transportation) but it worked out great. Later in the week when some of us were
leaving after dropping off a rental car Shana and Shelley took the Super Shuttle to South Beach to sightsee while waiting for the vacation reinforcements to arrive.

Saved from these practical considerations, we proceeded to find a restaurant on Ocean Drive to watch the action and stay out of the rain. We immediately ordered cocktails the size of our heads (2 for 1) and snacks. After Shelly arrived we walked over to the beach (where we got
to see the very odd sight of a cruise ship sailing out), bought some jewelry from a street vendor, walked around on Ocean Drive and Collins and checked out a few shops. We took a picture of Shelley at the Shelley Hotel and got some coffee to go. Then it was back on the road to Marco for us. By the time we got to Naples we were all starving and getting headaches from our
giant cocktails so we hustled on into Cracker Barrel for a nice comforting dinner. The last time I went to Miami I was not impressed, but this time I had loads of fun, so next time we may just try a visit to Miami again.

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