Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gloomy Sunday

The gloom is mainly the product of the weather. I've lived in Oklahoma since 1975, and my mental state and expectations have adjusted to the local weather. Oklahoma weather is generally sunny with nearly constant wind and liberal infusions of dramatic thunderstorms. I always think of Oklahoma (at least central Oklahoma) as having six seasons: Cold and Dry, Fire, Tornado, Hot and Dry, Fire, Tornado. Seldom do we experience the kind of protracted grey and rainy periods I grew up with in northern Ohio. If we get three grey days in a row I grow despondent. This week has been cloudy and intermittently wet every day, culminating in steady light rain from yesterday afternoon through this morning. I cancelled my weekend cycling plans and devoted myself to indoor pursuits.

Fortunately I have plenty of indoor activities to keep me amused. Aside from college football yesterday and pro football today I have housework and naps (!). There is also the intense amusement of sorting out my selection of vacation packing. I'm "going carry-on", so everything for my trip will need to go in one bag and a tote. Not too hard as a person doesn't need much for a trip to the beach. Still the stack of possible choices waxes and wanes while the dogs pull long faces and sulk. I've finished some knitting projects, so I am down to one in progress and therefore free to choose a new project suitable for vacation knitting. It will surely be socks, as the silk shawl in progress would be a poor choice for humidity. At this stage it's not really colorfast and I can't really see myself enjoying my vacation with blue hands. I wound up a skein of Mountain colors Barefoot during the Ohio State/USC and Sooners games yesterday and I think I've got the perfect pattern picked out.

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