Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Lake House

Shana and I invited a couple of friends to spend the weekend at Lake Eufaula. We were all looking forward to it and it definitely met expectations. We drove out Friday afternoon, getting there in time to appreciate the stunning heat and feast on tacos. Saturday morning we ran all the errands necessary for a weekend at the lake. Diane asked that most classic of questions at the local convenience store: "Do you have worms?". It always makes me laugh uncontrollably - much too personal a question to ask of a stranger! I love the odd inventory and sociability of the local stores.

Then it was on to the flea market to score some floats for the lake. For convenience sake we wanted to get our floats already blown up, but getting them all in the vehicle was more of a problem than we anticipated. We had still to stop for tomatoes and sweet corn. We got a sack of organic sweet corn picked just that morning that was just delicious. Shana cleaned it carefully to get rid of the organic worms.

The rest of the day was spent floating around on the lake scorching our legs in the sun, fishing, reading, and napping. Later we had a game of pool (we stink), a steak dinner and a game of Cranium. Altogether a perfect day. Sunday morning was likewise a study in relaxation and creative idleness. How I wish every summer weekend consisted of four or five such perfect days. Sadly it doesn't, and tomorrow I'll have to go back to work. BooHoo.

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