Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Today was the day I selected for a removal of the mop head: Before and after.

Michael thought it was great fun. We cut off a load of hair (the hair on the floor looked like enough to assemble an entire small dog) and completely changed the color. He said he hardly ever gets to do something drastic. I'm very happy with it, although it will take a few washings for the highlights to show up well. The base color is actually very close to my original (some might say natural) color, which no one has seen since 1971. Last week Shana kept looking at my head, saying "what is that color?".

Shana came with me as advisor and general cheerleader. She's been waiting impatiently for the mop removal. She took pictures of the work in progress, went out to bring me coffee, and generally made my makeover her entertainment of the morning.

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