Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lazy Sunday

It's Sunday afternoon and I am having a lazy day. The original plan had been to take a long bike ride, but it was rainy earlier so we decided to laze around. Shana is grilling up some chicken for this week's salads, making a sweet potato pie, and cooking us some pasta for supper. I'm knitting and watching movies, preferably ones I've seen before so I don't lose count of my stitches. So far I've watched Secrets and Lies and am currently into Men in Black. I'm working on the Kimono Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls. The link is to the fabulous Eunny - I hope mine looks as pretty as hers. Mine is a beige-ish merino from Knitpicks - I'll post a picture when I get a few repeats done. Right now it just looks like a skinny rag. I'm into the second striped sock, and may even pick up the dreaded Triangles Within Triangles shawl. It's really not that dreadful, I just got a bit fuzzled with it. There is also the matter of Icarus for which I have suitable yarn in my stash. There is a Knitalong going right now and I am mighty tempted to sign up. In my spare time. Of which there is almost none.
These are yesterday's jewelry project. All things green went to Shana for her birthday gift. The earrings right above the bracelet are meant to match a necklace she bought for me last week at a crafts fair. I'm not sure what I'll do with the others, so I am stashing them away for a bit. Who knows, I may need an extra holiday gift. One set of findings will have to go back to the shop - it broke and I think I can expect better performance than that. It had never even been worn. Besides it gives me a good excuse to stop in again!

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