Monday, September 11, 2006

Grand Opening

Well maybe not grand - but opening, anyway. I am setting up a shop at Etsy . At the moment there is nothing in it, and I have to set up my Paypal account which is proving to be more annoying than I had expected - the problem may be that I've already set one up and forgot all about it. Nevertheless, I'll have a place to show monkeys looking for homes, or any other bit of crafty goodness I'd like to sell. I only had one monkey sell over the weekend, so I've got plenty to stock the store. I'll keep a link over on the sidebar for easy access.
I'll be sending the monkeys over a few at a time, to keep myself on the "new" pages as often as possible. Tracey still has them, so as soon as I get them back I'll start taking pretty pictures and thinking up how best to pack them up for shipping. I'm thinking shoe boxesand bubble wrap, and I'll have to weight, etc so I know the exact shipping cost for my billing. I hope by the end of the week I'll have everything ironed out and ready to sell.

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