Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Saturday Breakfast

Last Saturday we celebrated spring with our first meal of the season outdoors. We drove over to the Sesuit Harbor Cafe in East Dennis and joined Sue for an alfresco breakfast. It's not a fancy place, or easy to find, but the food is good and the atmosphere can't be beat. We had our breakfast while watching people working on their boats or going out for a first of the season cruise. Apparently in season they serve a good lobster roll and have a raw bar for those who are willing to eat raw seafood. That will not be me, but your mileage may vary.

Later we went to Agway in East Dennis and the Hyannis Country Garden for trellises, climbing roses and pots as the finishing touches to the improvements to the front of our house.  Today we picked up our window boxes. The front door to the house and the shed have been painted, and we are waiting only for trellis and window box installation plus the restoration of our downspouts the their proper place before planting our pots and getting our roses in the ground. We purchased two New Dawn climbers.  New Dawn is a popular rose on the Cape and a nice big, even rampant one which will grow to the height we want. We considered a few others, but New Dawn has a strong constitution, and many of our other favorites would not grow as large as we wanted. I will not be using poisons in consideration of the local bees, so a strong constitution will be a must.

The dogs are enjoying the fenced yard and so am I. Even though my gardens from last year are not completely awake and many seeds as yet ungerminated (peppers are not even started yet) I am already considering what I am going to plant along the new fence next year. The south side of the fenced area adjoins the veggie garden and is one of the few really sunny areas in our yard. I think it will be a combination of flowers and presentable vegetables. By next year I should be thinking of shifting Tomato Land to a different spot, so maybe my tomato cages can live there interplanted with hydrangeas and roses, butterfly bush and whatever I fancy! Oh, gardeners' dreams.

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lacochran's evil twin said...

I love it when the weather is nice enough to eat outside!