Monday, January 06, 2014

And More Winter

Considering that I live in one of the more northern states, it makes perfect sense that our current temperature in among the warmer ones in the country. Once again in this odd winter the Southern Plains freeze in their coats while we stroll about in sweatshirts. Right this minute Oklahoma City is rejoicing in 19° while we enjoy a foggy 54°. After the last storm (14 inches of snow) we decided that the combination of Shana's wonky back and my body's refusal to turn back the clock meant we were going to have to try another approach. We purchased a snowblower. Now my shed is completely full, but I will not have to dig two cars out of more than a foot of snow again. In addition to the big dig for the cars we also have to dig out areas for our dogs, who live rather close to the ground. The girls are not among the many dogs who enjoy a good romp in deep snow.

I am fascinated and terrified by what passes for entertainment these days. I just heard a teaser on the TV offering a segment on poisonous toenails! Is that through the skin absorption or by way of eating them? Inquiring minds will soon know (The Doctors is running in the living room for the edification of the dogs).

I started knitting my first sweater and got a (very) few inches up the body when I discovered I seem to have cast on with the wrong sized needles. I swatched and swatched and finally decided on 5's, but when I went to cast on for "Clapotis" at Stitch & Bitch last night I found out that I had the 8's I wanted with my sweater. Sadly I must now rip it all out and start again. BOO. I ripped out my first attempt at Clapotis too. I really wanted it on 8's with my sport weight Christmas yarn. I started it on 7's and do not like it. By the way, every other row of this pattern ends in pfb, which might possibly be the most wretched increase ever. In spite of having spent hours knitting I have nothing whatever to show for it. The good news is that once I rip it out and start over it becomes much like every other project I have ever done and may take the anxiety out of knitting my first sweater.

Pictures today are courtesy of the Boston Museum of Fine Art, taken on my most recent visit. You can click on them for a closer look.


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Glad you aren't freezing like the Midwest. The continent really is on a weather whip

Google's "cloud" being wonkie today! Finally got the comment page after three tries.

jaykaym said...

I've been doing nothing but ripping out my knitting. First project was a little triangular neckerchief that really turned out to be too small and then when I was cleaning out my yarn stash I found another ball of the same yarn so ripped out the neckerchief to use the yarn for something different. Then came a hat using sock yarn that I've been making FOREVER. I'd notice a mistake a few inches back and rip out to fix it. I did that over and over and over and finally last night finished it only to notice that there is a dropped stitch where I finished it off. A few well placed stitches with a needle fixed that and I am now glad to be done of it. Now, I'm looking for a good project for some very nice soft fine chenille. I've started about 8 different things and after a few inches decide it really is the wrong project for the yarn. I'm going to finish an entire knitting season and have nothing to show for it. I almost started the same Clapotis pattern. I'll be interested to see how yours turns out.